To Do

To Do

De Caledon Huis offers a luxury experience, coupled with privacy. Self Catering means nobody popping in to ruin your beauty sleep or family braai.

The front porch offers an alternative to being cooped up inside. The porch connects to the house from the side. So you don’t have to
go out the front every time. The large porch offers a cozy place for friends and family to catch up.

The inside fire place means you can enjoy a warm fire and grill even if its rainy outside. The inside braai area boasts
a T.V. and bar area. The dining room table means you can enjoy your meals right by the fire.  Please note that the braai area is also the only smoking area inside De Caledon Huis, except for outside.

Comfortable, spacious rooms. More than enough space to feel at home. Fresh linens and towels.

The swimming pool area is perfect for the summer months. Take a dip while the fire is burning. Book De Caledon Huis as a whole unit and enjoy a Pool party with your friends and family.

The beautiful front garden is peaceful and perfect for relaxing in the sun.